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Bannera dâ Sicilia - Flag of SicilyArtist rendition by Renee Sweeney 2011

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A Republic for the Sicilian People. Support Sicilian Independence. This wiki is about a dream that will come true, it is my peaceful fight to have my personal human rights recognised along with anyone who wishes the same thing.

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Welcome to the new Sicilian Republic!

do not believe all that you see in the movies, ASSABENEDICA and its other forms all mean the same thing " give me your blessing" what better way to greet someone, we have our culture which has always welcomed people and their beliefs and traditions, so even our greeting is a mix of that the ASSA part comes from the arab (muslim) and the BENEDICA from the european (christians)

-Franco SI

president of SICILY

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my thanks must go to Alex, who has taken my cause to heart, he has great ideas and is quicker than me off the mark, i do appriciate that he is spending time to make me understand all the tecnology, in return i give him my word that he will grow together with everything that i am trying to do and one day , i hope not in the distant future he will be able to say , holding head high " i was there at the start"

thanks Alex

a special thank you to Renee, for putting up with both of us LOL

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